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The War on Passwords

The NIST guidelines struck a chord with me. It seemed to be something that our users would embrace while addressing potential issues within any given workplace

Revisiting Windows Updates in 2017: The Lab Setup

It's been nine months, time to revisit the prevention of Windows Update reboots.

Office 365 & PowerShell: Connecting All the Pieces

Now that we've figured out how to connect to each of the Office 365 services, it's time to tie a pretty (PowerShell) blue bow on it.

Office 365 & PowerShell: Jacking Into the Matrix

Just like their on-premises counterparts, each of these products has their own PowerShell interface for management.

Old Office 365 Training: Navigating the Minefield

At first, I figured this wouldn’t cause me much of an issue. Information is information right?

Crouton #4 – Getting Your Head Around Headers

Headers, introduced in the Creators Update, can be used to organize you toasts.

Crouton #3 - Sometimes You Just Want to Click Your Toast

Buttons can look pretty ugly when only using one, so just click your Toast instead!