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KovertKringle: Secret Santa With a Dash of PowerShell

Given it's the holiday season, I worked on a PowerShell based Secret Santa Organizer

Avoiding DateTime Headaches

Sometimes PowerShell just throws the system culture out the window and assumes that you meant to supply the date in the American style.

#PSBlogWeek 2017 Recap

It was a great event, with five days worth of awesome PowerShell content coming out!

Creating Storage Reports With PowerShell

Whether they're nearly empty, nearly full, or somewhere in-between, it's helpful to get a quick overview of all your servers' hard drives.

BurntToast Breaking Change: Hiding Customizable AppID

I hate reducing customizability, just as much as I hate making breaking changes in my projects.

October: The Hackiest Month of the Year

Summits, Blogging, and Hacking make October the 'hackiest' month of the year.

Recurrence Patterns and PowerShell

There's one thing that bugs me when scheduling scripts from the prompt, however: Recurrence.