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Day Two of #PSHSummit 2018 - Getting Smart

No comments about the plumbing or anything today, having gotten over the initial shock.

Crouton #6 – Dance to Your Own Beat

It gives me a glimpse into how people are using the module and it also focuses my documentation efforts on something that might actually be useful.

Veeam: My First Virtual Lab

Over the last day or so I've been setting up a sandbox/virtual lab which leverages our Veeam backups.

Need PowerShell Help? Use #PSHelp!

If you're looking for some help, try #PSHelp. If you've got knowledge to share (and you do), make sure you jump in and get involved!

Where the bloody hell are ya?

This seems like a decent excuse for a 'State of the Blog' post.

DIY AppId and WiX, for Tasty Toast

This time around, I'll walk you through how to create your own installer.